Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tribute - Steelhead Camp

This video has been spreading all over the blogs and social media channels the past few days and for good reason.  It's really good. 

Ian Majszak of Detonation Studios and Bryan Gregson collaborated on this short film project which within the span of four minutes caught and conveyed the vibe of what these type of trips are all about.

Tribute..steelhead camp from Detonation Studios on Vimeo.

It's not always about the fish.  The fish is just the excuse.  Really it is more about the friends, the food, the campfire, the drink, the ball busting, and staying up too late at night and then standing in the river all the next day casting over and over hoping for that tug.


Voyageur.Pursuits said...

Love it!

People, including me, from these different "camps" (steelhead camp, salmon camp, deer camp, duck camp, hex camp etc.) say the same things about how it's not really about catching fish or shooting game -- it's about the people and the tradition.

This outlook transcends the details of the pursuit. I think that fact really says a lot about us as a people. The pursuit is intoxicating, but it's sharing it with people we care about that makes it nourishing as well.

Sanders said...

such a good video...thanks for posting!

Cameron Mortenson said... said it even better than I wrote it. The "pursuit is intoxicating". Indeed.

Sanders...thanks. I really dig the work that Ian and BG are doing together.