Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Glimpse Inside Kabuto Rods

Yesterday I received an email from Yasuyuki Kabuto with a few photographs of the Kabuto Rods 7033 that he is working on for me.

This build is being done on the somewhat rare dark brown painted blank which has a richness to it that sets it apart from the white or yellow blanks that Yasuyuki Kabuto has offered in his glass line up.

In my mind Yasuyuki Kabuto is one of the most talented fly rod builders on the scene and the tapers for the blanks that he's having made are unbelievably good and quickly dispel the idea that Japanese glass is weepy and slow.  The Kabuto Rods offerings are progressive and have power.

Almost two years ago Yasuyuki Kabuto sent me both the 7033 and 8053 as long term demos.  Those two fly rods have been around the states several times now which has given many a chance of trying a Kabuto Rods fly rod before committing to purchase one.

All that said, if you are seriously considering purchasing a fly rod from Kabuto Rods, but want to flex one first, please feel free to email me to get on the demo list or to have your questions answered as best I can.


gfen said...

i bought an 8053 blank without trying to procure the demo based on the rave reviews and the fact that its translucent white.

mostly because its translucent white. i'm a sucker for fancy.

if someone could explain why yellow and brown rule the fly rod market, i'd love to know. :)

Howard Levett said...

Kab builds one of the most beautiful rods you'll ever find on the market. Couple that with a great taper and you've got yourself a fly rod second to none.

Cameron Mortenson said...'s tough to beat translucent white. Have you built yours up yet?

Howard...all true. Kab is a true professional.

hawkbird said...

Mine (7643) is due to be finished this summer. Can't get here soon enough!

Cameron Mortenson said... will be worth the wait. I have one of those too that I had Leiderman Rods build up for me. Have you picked a fly line yet for it? I really like the SA Mastery Textured Trout Stalker 4WF line on mine.

hawkbird said...

"SA Mastery textured Trout Stalker 4WF" (no wonder I was sooo confused when I started fly fishing 2 years ago!) it is. I have a Lamson konic 1.5 I hope the Kab glassy won't mind for a while until the funds recover.

hawkbird said...

following up a little... how about the SA mastery trout fly dry tip DT? I'll be in pretty small streams with few casts over 30' (most inside 20'). thoughts on DT?

Cameron Mortenson said...

hawkbird...I bet that would be a good match as well. I use quite a lot of double taper fly lines on my trout weight fly rods. I don't know why they aren't more popular since they are two fly lines in one.