Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nervous Water Fly Fishers Goes Video

No thumping music, no fancy editing, just guide Clayton Yee of Nervous Water Fly Fishers getting it done on a Hawaiian flat with his lamiglas fiberglass fly rod on a variety of saltwater species.  Do you hear that wind?

Big Bone.  Impressive to say the least.

Check out more of what Clay and the crew have been up to on the Nervous Water Fly Fishers Blog.


ratfacedmcdougal said...

Great to see I'm not the only one who fishes the flats with glass. I do enjoy the sideways looks from the guides and they all cast my rods and kind of see where I'm coming from.Reds,specks,bones,permit,snook and barracuda so far. No tarpon yet but that time is coming.

Cameron Mortenson said... tarpon? I would have thought you had already done that. I've started at redfish and speckled trout. Need to start knocking off other species.

ratfacedmcdougal said...

5 on and 5 off in the time it takes to say "Oh Boy". The first one in '93 in Belize took my knees out and I slumped down it the boat. Completely embarrassing myself in front of the guide. My mouth went dry and my hands were shaking. I was a mess. Great memory anyway.