Friday, March 2, 2012

The Acadiana Fly Rodders Conclave

After a couple days in the Louisiana marsh we headed back to Lafayette and I did some last minute preparation for the Acadiana Fly Rodders Conclave which was held last Saturday.

I was invited to present at the conclave and have been working on a PowerPoint presentation which I have called "The Reinvention Of The Fiberglass Fly Rod".  I also had a booth for T.F.M. which was complete with a dozen demo glass fly rods along with T.F.M. t-shirts and decals for sale as well.

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Over the course of the day it was neat to put a glass fly rod in the hands of a few dozen people and then give my presentation to a dozen or so attendees later in the afternoon.

I wish I would have had a bit more time to check out all the local and regional fly tiers that came for the event. There was some excellent work being done on the vise.

The conclave was followed by the Acadiana Fly Rodders yearly banquet which a very excellent meal finished off the day with a group of new friends.

Thanks again to the Acadiana Fly Rodders for the invitation to attend and present at their conclave. I had a great time.

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Nice! Great pics