Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gear Envy - Orvis CFO III Limited Edition

My inside man at Orvis, Shawn Combs, sent this sneak peak at an upcoming "Limited Edition" release of the ever cherished England made CFO III fly reel. 

Shawn wrote...  "Things are pumping here at Orvis with lots of cool projects.  One of which is the CFO III Limited Edition fly reel.  It's a updated replica of the 1972 original that Hardy made for us.  Yes it has rivets and yes it is made in England using the same equipment as models past.  It will be available later this year in limited numbers of less than 250."

You know what else Orvis made in 1972?  Fiberglass fly rods.  Just saying.

I know an "Orvis Fly Reel Geek" who will be all over this. 

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Howard Levett said...

Thanks Cam and Thanks to Shawn and Orvis. Without a doubt Hardy made one of reels fly fishermen cherish the most. To see the name Orvis once again on a Hardy reel gets my heart to pumping.