Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Pup On A SUP

With temperatures pushing into the low 80's yesterday we piled the kayaks in the back of the Element and went down to the family pond for a paddle.  We took Otis along for a swim and he happily rode on the deck of the Versa Board too.

I foresee a lot of time spent in the pond this summer and it looks like Otis will be down for it as well.

Oh, the places we'll go this summer with Otis.

(A tip of the cap to Facebook contact Brian Dailey for the title of today's blog post.  We're big fans of Dr. Seuss too.)


Mike said...

A great shot Cameron - and good times to come.

Howard Levett said...

The kids must be thrilled to have a willing companion.

Pam said...

Looking forward to seeing more of Otis!

Trev Sliwkanich said...

Nice to see your little guy is not shy of the water. My "hyena" won't even get her feet wet in a puddle. We will see about creeks.

Side note: Love labs, can't wait for more.