Sunday, April 8, 2012

Asheville's F3T Night

I am getting a bit of a slow start this morning after a late night drive back from Asheville after the Fly Fishing Film Tour event which was held at the Highland Brewing Company yesterday. 

This year's event was a great time and all the hard work that Reba Brinkman of Hunter Banks and David Grossman of Southern Culture On The Fly put in over the past few weeks to plan and promote the event showed.  Well...except maybe the somewhat half baked S.C.O.F. casting course which didn't really come off as planned.

The weather could not have been better and it was downright nice spending the afternoon outside of the brewery manning the T.F.M. table.  Thanks to all those that picked up a t-shirt and decals or took one of the fiberglass demo fly rods out to the pond to cast.

Tamales + Pint = Tasty

There were prizes galore and quite a few people went home with a new piece of gear, a YETI Cooler or guided trip.

This was my first chance to see all the films on the big screen and of course the trout pieces were crowd favorites, especially Doc of the Drakes which warranted lot of hollers and clapping.

Asheville's Fly Fishing Film Tour event was undoubtedly a success and I hope to see next year's F3T to be even bigger.  It's a great night out for sure. 


Fumbling the Fly said...

Looks like you guys put together a really nice F3T event. Wish I lived closer to Asheville, I would have attended.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Fumbling the Fly...the event turned out really well. You should have made the drive over. It would have been worth it.

Fumbling the Fly said...

That's about a 10 hour drive for me. Maybe next year I can plan a trip to fish down there to coincide with the F3T in Asheville.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Fumbling the Fly...yeah...10 hours is to far. You hitting the show any where else?

Fumbling the Fly said...

I saw it when The Sporting Gentleman in Media, PA had it. The videos were great. They had a nice open house at their shop before with free pizza, beer, and door prizes.