Friday, April 20, 2012

A Glimpse Inside Sportfiskemässan

Recently Christian Hörgren emailed a few iPhone images of his fly fishing gear favorites which were on display at the Sweden fly fishing fair Sportfiskemässan

Mad Fly Reel Scientist...Maybe?

Christian wrote...  "Here are some pictures from Sportfiskemässan, the largest fair in Sweden for sportfishing and fly tackle.  At the fair I represented Edgeflyfishing, the largest fly fishing web community in Scandinavia, with over 6000 members and 600 active members every day. 

During the fair we had a small exhibition of my fly reel collection, and I also did some fiberglass rod building on site. The interest was very high, both from old nostalgic guys and young hipsters looking for a twist on their fly fishing lifestyle. 

We also spread the word on the upcoming Scandinavian Glass & Tenkara Clave, that will be held here in Sweden in mid June.  I'm very pleased to announce that a few of our Finnish Fiberglass Flyrodders forum friends will join us with their fabulous collection of full flexing fly rods."

Christian...quite a collection and neat to see so much of it all organized together in this impressive display.


Howard Levett said...

Very nice reel collection. I hope he posts some of his glass builds.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Howard...I've posted up a few of pieces of Christian's fly rods and reels collection. I'm so glad that he doesn't have his own blog. HA...