Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Sponsor - Scientific Anglers

On the long road trip back from Michigan to South Carolina after the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo I thought quite a bit about what could make any upcoming presentations or demos better.  One of the ideas that topped my mental list was that there were no less than a dozen different fly lines on the fly reels that I took along and when someone tested out a fly rod with several different line weights they really weren't getting a true comparison since there are inherent taper differences from fly line company to fly line company along with the fly line weight.  In short, I really needed a set of fly lines which I would just use for demos and presentations.

After trading a few emails and phone calls with Geoff Samples at Scientific Anglers the details were worked out and last week a box arrived with a couple stacks of new fly lines inside.  I was able to hand pick a few fly lines which range from Supra double taper and weight forward trout weight lines, various Mastery Textured lines and lastly a couple Skagit Extreme Head Multi-Tip kits and Skagit Extreme Heads which range from the bottom to the top in grain weights for dialing in switch and spey rods.

I am very excited that Scientific Anglers has agreed to sponsor T.F.M. with fly lines to use at demos, presentations, and of course my own fly fishing excursions as well.  This is a neat collaboration for T.F.M. to have and it is certainly going to make future presentations and demos better.

Check out the Scientific Anglers website for more information on their fly lines and other products too.  If you have any questions about their fly lines please feel free to send me an email.       


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