Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Day 6 In Patagonia

Joel and Deb Thompson of Montana Troutaholic Outfitters recently returned home from spending eight days in Argentina with Justin Witt of Patagonia Unlimited.  They had an unbelievable trip complete with lost luggage, big fish, local fauna, and even snow.   

On Day 6 Joel donned his T.F.M. t-shirt (which you can barely see peeking out in this photo) and caught a bruiser of a brook trout for this submission to the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest.

Joel wrote...  "Day 6.  This was our favorite day. The scenery was amazing, the water so clear it was unreal, and the brookies were big and strong!  We started out fishing the Boca with not much luck.  According to the guys living under the bridge (yes, under the bridge) the Boca had been a bit slow as of late so we decide to head down stream where Justin knew of a few spots that the brookies liked to stack up before the spawn.  We were not disappointed!  I wouldn't call the fishing white hot, but being able to see the fish you were casting to and being in the setting we were in was absolutely perfect in every way!  This will be a place I visit again in my life.  I can promise you that!"

Joel chronicled his entire trip with many photos and narrative on The Itinerant Angler forum and it's well worth checking out all eight days of their trip there.


Unknown said...

Good times! Sorry I didn't get a better shot of the shirt Cam. Next time!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Joel...no reason to apologize. That is a unreal brook trout. I want to go with you next time. Maybe we can put something together with Mike and David and do it that way? I'm game.