Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mysteries Internal Bamboo Build Essays

This past winter Erin Block of Mysteries Internal spent her free time building her first bamboo fly rod from culm to tip top and chronicled the progress with a series of essays.  Erin recently finished the seven foot four weight and posted links to all sixteen essays on the Bamboo Rod Making page of her blog.

Erin's writing is extraordinary and if Mysteries Internal isn't on your reading radar yet then it very well should be.  Start with the bamboo build blog posts and then scroll back page by page to catch up on what you've been missing.


Howard Levett said...

Cam, Erin is not only a wonderfully gifted writer, but a genuinely nice person.

Rhythm Rider said...

Great tip of the hat, and plain old tip to read MI.

e.m.b. said...

Many thanks for the nod, Cam...and the good words from you all!