Tuesday, May 29, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Yellowfin Tuna Ink

Some time ago Eric Hornung of Anti Hero Electric Tattoo posted a sketch of a yellowfin tuna that he was planning to tattoo on a client and I asked if he would photograph the project step by step for a T.F.M. post.  This image set also includes a couple T.F.M. Spotting photos as well with Eric wearing his Comrade t-shirt while at work.

Eric wrote...  "A friend referred Jon to me as I had done a small tattoo on him a few years ago. It started with a conversation about his desire to get a tattoo of a fish of some sort.  Maybe a koi or perhaps a tuna.  While I appreciate traditional Japanese koi fish, they really are not my “thing” as a tattoo artist.  It wasn’t tough to persuade him to do a yellowfin tuna and Jon fondly recounted tuna fishing with his father his entire childhood and having caught several 300 plus pound yellowfin.  He said he’d prefer more of a specimen layout than an action shot and kind of like it would appear hanging at the dock. 

Maybe it was wishful thinking, but I pictured the tattoo going down the front of his shin.  When he arrived at the shop to get started, I think he was planning on getting it on the back of his calf.  We both agreed that the shin would be cooler.  When Jon’s fiancĂ©, Nicole, joined us after we started we both kinda got a “Oh…(long awkward pause)...you got it on the front of your shin?”  Jon assured me she’ll come around, but he’ll be wearing pants at his wedding in Jamaica this October.   HA..."

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"I got a text from Cameron after sharing a photo of the sketch on Instagram asking if I would chronicle the progress of this piece.  Jon took most of the pictures while I tattooed, which offers a customer point of view to the images.  I did my usual chit-chat, bullshit, philosophy, unrelated anecdote, anything to distract the customer from the fact that I’ll be drilling their shin for a few hours thing.  Total time tattooing was about seven hours over a couple appointments.  I had to contend with some Tough Mudder damage and a stretching a double into a triple softball slide scrape on the shin.  I’m definitely pleased by the results and it’s gratifying when I finish a piece and think to myself “Damn, I wish that was on me.” 

I took a lot of shit from haters and non-fisherman when I was getting started tattooing about wanting to do fishing themed tattoos.  I haven’t ever cared about doing the “cool”stuff.  I don’t concern myself with trying to do photo-realism, stylized, or painterly stuff.  I like the graphic look of a clean black outline on the very outside of the subject with as few black lines within the tattoo as I can get away with.  I try to create depth with shading and contrast.  Any time I get to combine fishing with tattooing I feel like the luckiest guy in the world."

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