Friday, June 1, 2012

Kabuto Rods Taking Blank Orders

Last night Yasuyuki Kabuto made an announcement on the Kabuto Rods Facebook page that he is offering a limited quantity of orders for his translucent white fiberglass blanks.   There are less than two dozen blanks available for order and I would expect these to go within a day or two.

I've cast and fished most of the Kabuto Rods line up and they are all quite impressive with a progressive action.  The bright white blanks also make quite an interesting canvas for rod builders to work off of and there have been many quite impressive white fiberglass builds posted on T.F.M. over the past year or so by quite a few different rod builders.

Blanks Available:
7033 (7'0"#3/3pc) - 7 Quantity
7643 (7'6"#4/3pc) - 7 Quantity
7653 (7'6"#5/3pc) - 4 Quantity
8053 (8'0"#5/3pc) - 4 Quantity

Each blank is priced at $175 with $35 for worldwide shipping.  Payment for blanks is due on June 6th, 2012 and will be accepted through PayPal.  Delivery for blanks ordered will be in late August.

If interested in placing an order, Yasuyuki Kabuto can be reached by email at

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These are the best looking of any rod (boo, glass and graphite) i've seen.
Cant wait for my 5wt from Graywolf!