Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Note To My Dad

Dear Dad,

It would be easy just to say Happy Father's Day and this post would be done but really it runs much deeper than that.  Thank you for showing me what being a father and a husband is all about.  Thank you for instilling in me an ethic and notion that you have to work hard to get where you want to be.  Thank you for showing me that a smile and a bit of humor can open more doors than just a ho-hum hello.

Thank you for giving me a connection to the outdoors and for camping trips fishing for bluegills under a red and white bobber even if fishing wasn't really your thing.  Thank you for always being involved in everything that I did growing up from church classes as teacher to sports teams as coach. 

Finally, thank you for being my dad.  I love you.

Postscript...  Thank you for floating the Pere Marquette with me this past spring.  It was really neat to share a day on the water with you.  That large steelhead that got away is just a good reason to get back there again soon.


Anthony said...

Very well said. Happy Fathers Day to you.

Howard Levett said...

Happy Father's Day to the best father I know. You make your dad proud Cam!

kitefly said...

Happy Dad's Day Cameron!

jj wassom said...


It's apparent from many of your posts that your father has taught you well... every post I have read where you were out with your kids has a terrific aroma of a father's love for his kids. Hope that doesn't sound too dorky, but hey, I'm awful proud of my three kids as well.

Hope yours was a great one,


Pam said...

Love the love you show for your dad.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Anthony...thank you and thank you. I appreciate the comment.

Howard...that might be a stretch but I've had a good example of being a dad from my own dad. you as well.

jj does not sound dorky at all. I appreciate the kind words.

Pam...the love is well deserved. Thanks for the comment.