Friday, July 13, 2012

The Artwork Of Lines In The Dirt

Remember the iPad artwork of Shawn Bischel from a post late last year?  Well, Shawn hasn't stopped, and in fact, his work has just gotten better over time.  It's been fun checking in on the Lines In The Dirt blog to see what he's been up to each week.

This post has been simmering on the back burner for some time now and the benefit to my tardiness in getting it up was that it has allowed Shawn to grow his gallery of artwork.   I asked Shawn if he'd explain where his method and process comes from.

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If you are viewing this post on an iPad or other device that does not support Adobe Flash then the photos can also be viewed in Shawn's Flickr album.

Shawn wrote... "I wouldn’t so much call it a “process” as I would a brief moment of inspiration, followed by three hours of iPad couch time. I spend three to four hours on each one of these drawings and come back to them the next day for final touch-ups and tweaks.

Having an engineering, drafting and digital mapping background, I'm self taught in almost all of the major drafting, engineering, mapping, and design programs. So it’s easy for me to download or install an app or a piece of software and wrangle it into submission. Such was the case with the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro App. The app is rich with options and there is more functionality in it, than is initially seen on the surface. The first thing I drew was a rude sketch of a fly, but instantly realized its potential and set out to learn as much about the app as I could. I can only hope the quality of drawings produced is noticeable with the progression of time.

Creativity through “i” technology, a pencil or a Sharpie and most recently a jigsaw, is my fly fishing outlet, when fly fishing isn’t an option. Some people tie flies...I draw them!

I’ve recently changed the tag line on my blog post to ~ Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It
. This stemmed from a conversation with a coworker that said “You never look tired, but you always looked worn out and battered.” (I took it as a compliment) The night before, I had been out golf course, ninja fly fishing until well after midnight. My instinctive reply was “I’m not afraid to put myself out there! I like to get out in it!” 

Shawn...excellent work and with another weekend starting today the idea of "GET OUT IN IT" is certainly appropriate.

Check out the Lines In The Dirt blog to follow along.

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