Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Day Away

What started on paper as a two night up north getaway for my wife and I was quickly carved down to just a day trip by the time everything was taken into consideration once we arrived at the lake house.  We still figured a day away is better than no trip at all and took off the other morning sans children with the vehicle pointed north.

Our first stop was at Cafe Santé in Boyne City.  We arrived for a late breakfast and it took us a few minutes to work through the very well done menu to figure out what we each wanted to order.  T.F.M. friend Brian Kozminski works at Cafe Santé and has been telling me over and over that we just had to check this place out and I'm so glad that we did.  I won't wax on to much about it but the place is legit and everything that we had was unbelievably good.

With breakfast done we headed into Petoskey and found it to be a mad house with holiday visitors crawling all over the city sidewalks downtown.  We spent a quiet hour at our favorite indie book store McLean & Eakin and while Melissa put a short stack together of books for her and the children, I sat at the Hemingway section and leafed through a couple books I hadn't read yet.  McLean & Eakin has some very expansive list of Hemingway titles and worth a call if there is a book in particular you're looking for.  They likely have it on the shelf.

Next we dropped down to Traverse City and spent a couple hours driving out on Old Mission Peninsula visiting several of the roadside fruit stands, market, and enjoyed a tasting (along with purchasing a few bottles to take home) at 2 Lads Winery which has a stunning vista which looks out over into East Grand Traverse Bay.  It is a most beautiful location and the wines that 2 Lads Winery produces are top notch.  They source all their grapes on the peninsula from just a couple vineyards besides their own property.  Compared to other wineries in the area, 2 Lads Winery produces a fraction of the volume but it is some of the very best Michigan wines.

This has been a rough cherry year with temps that got to warm early in the year followed by unexpected freeze which killed off almost all of the fruit but we still found a few stands open with several varieties of tasty cherries to take home a couple baskets for the family to enjoy.

A trip home to Michigan is hardly complete without a basket of fried whitefish, perch, or walleye.  Scalawags in downtown Traverse City was excellent for a fried fish fix before we were off again on the road. 

The views are tough to get tired of and I still remember seeing these crystal clear green blue waters years ago as a child and being so astounded that water could look so tropical, for lack of a better word.  Now returning as an adult I realize each time how very much Michigan has to offer on so many different levels.

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This part of the state has long been a favorite for my wife and I and it's neat to return each year to do some things all over again and explore to find new haunts as well.

All in all it was a great day away and we were back long before dark.  The children hardly noticed that we had been away as they had been swimming in the lake and hanging out with their cousins all day long.   I guess we all got to experience the good life for a day.     

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