Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gear Review - M.F.C. Boat Box

To say that I am a fly box junkie might be going a little to light on the idea.  I like fly boxes of all shapes and sizes and have a large plastic storage bin full of fly boxes filled with flies to proof it.  I am also a bit of a freak about keeping fly boxes organized and this affliction borders on obsessive compulsive.  I like to keep all my fly boxes neat for organization sake as well as keeping them clean looking for when they show up in my photography as well.  An organized fly box is a happy fly box.  I'm not too weird, right?

One of several highlights from the Montana Fly Company last year at IFTD was their large suitcase style fly box which they dubbed the Boat Box.  This large waterproof fly box comes in four color choices (Burnt Orange, Light Olive, Olive, and Tan) with a choice of two different removable double sided foam leafs in either small or large slots.  This fly box can literally hold hundreds, if not thousands (small stuff), if packed carefully.  

Being that I am spending more and more time in a kayak or other watercraft, I have found the prototype Boat Box that I've had over the course of this summer to be a great fit for my warmwater fly fishing needs.  I've been using the large slotted foam leaf and it's perfect for keeping big flies secure and in place.  It's also got me thinking it would be nice to have a second one just for redfish flies as well.

My only gripe with the prototype Boat Box that I have been using has been the plastic exterior latches since I felt the design could be worked over a bit more to keep them from falling off and getting lost.  When I sent a note to Montana Fly Company about my concern, they were already steps ahead and said that they corrected the latch issue for the production run.  Good idea and I'll be interested in seeing how the current model differs from the prototype.

The Montana Fly Company Boat Box is a great choice for anglers who want to keep all of their meat, foam, or feathers secure in a single fly box.  The Boat Box is priced at $70 which includes a small or large slot foam center leaf.  Additional foam center leafs can be purchased separately.  The Boat Box is just now starting to show up in fly shops and online.  Check with your favorite Montana Fly Company dealer for more information and availability.


Devin Angleberger said...

70 dollars is a little pricey. I make my own for about twelve and sell them for twenty to some of my friends. They are not the best or the worst but hey they do for me and my friends. Your box looks wicked, filled with all the flies I use round here.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Devin...yeah...it might be a little pricey but in line with a lot of the other large suitcase style fly boxes. Thanks for the compliment on the flies. I have a good time putting boxes together.

John O'Neill said...

$70 is crazy for what is essentially just a plastic box!