Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lake House Life

As has become our tradition for the past ten years or so, we're up in Michigan spending the Independence Day holiday at my parent's lake house in Crystal.  It is really nice to have a week that is more or less leisure and a lot of time with the family.  Hadley and Finn get to play with their cousins, Otis is spending more time in the water than out, and I'll hopefully get my mom to make a rhubarb pie (Maybe two?  Please...) before the trip is over.  There is a healthy population of smallmouth in the lake and I brought the fly gear along, of course, for a couple early morning or late evening sessions off the front of the pontoon boat.

Night Falls On Crystal Lake

We're mixing up this year's trip a bit with Melissa and I are taking off in the morning for a couple days which we are really looking forward to.  We don't have much of a plan besides pointing the Element north and seeing where we end up.  There is also a day trip to Chicago planned for later in the week and then we'll be back to the lake house for a couple more days before returning home next weekend.

Lake house life.  I could really get used to this.

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Pam said...

Beautiful picture. Seems quite soothing there.