Monday, July 30, 2012

Pond Play With Kids 101

With temps hovering in the high 90's and low 100's for over a month now in South Carolina it would be easy to spend the weekend inside in the air conditioning. Instead the children and I spent yesterday afternoon out on the family pond in the kayaks.  We spent the hottest part of the day paddling, swimming, and even had a chance to cast a line on a yellow stick as well.  Good times.

Paddling on the pond yesterday got me thinking about what makes a trip outside with the children a success and came up with these three never to be forgotten rules. 

Pond Play Rules:
1.  Snacks
2.  Juice Boxes
3.  Whatever you do...don't forget #1 or #2

Trips now start with Hadley and Finn pilfering the pantry and filling up a small gear bag with a few eats and drinks.  Always bring more than you'll think they will need. 

Finn is typically the first one into the snacks and I'll hear the zipper opening just about the time we've pushed off to begin paddling.  Hadley will wait until we've found a spot that she can swim and relax for a bit. 

The heat of the day may not be the best time to toss flies in the pond but there always seems to be a couple bluegill who can't resist putting a bit of foam or feathers in their mouth.

The last rule should be to always leave while the children are still having a good time.  The transition from "FUN" to "NOT FUN" happens quick (I've learned the hard way a couple times) and we head back to the house at the first mention of being tired or being ready to leave.

A couple hours of pond play in the heat usually leads to naps all around without complaint and that certainly is not a bad thing for the kids...or mom and dad as well.

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bfly said...

Very nice! Fishing with kids takes a lot of effort and hard work....but the payoff is priceless! Keep up the great work Cameron.