Monday, August 13, 2012

Clifford's Kabuto Rods 7033 Build

What do you do when you can't stand Australian winters?  If you are Clifford Winnel then you build a fly rod to keep you busy.  Clifford spent his talent masterfully building on a white blank Kabuto Rods 7033 blank which turned out quite fine.

Clifford and I traded a few emails where he wrote... 

"Yes...I am a hobby builder and I only do a couple of rods a year for myself.  I'm now retired but was an engineering and architectural draftsman in my working life.  Mum said I was a terrible kid as I would play with my presents for one day and the second day I would have them pulled apart trying to make them bigger or better.  I made model planes when I was young and have always had an interest in crafty things.  I have made rods, hand carved wooden lures, tied flies, etc.  I have done a few graphite rods and my latest addiction is building cane rods.  I have a garage with some wood and metal working tools including a small bench lathe.  Building stuff, along with lots of hunting and fishing, keeps me sane.  My three children all have arty crafty creative skills as well so I guess it's in the genes."

"My goal with this build was to keep the rod light and responsive.  To this end I used an ultralight REC aluminum tubed thin wire tip and light gauge wire snake guides bound with Pearsalls gossamer thread finished with minimum coats of spa varnish without colour preserver.  The stripping guide is a vintage Varmac hard chrome.  The matching rope knurled ferrule rings, winding check, cork check and sliding rings were turned from aluminum in my workshop.  I was looking for something a little more durable than cork for the but cap so turned up a piece of Aussie Red Mallee burl from the block that is shown in the photo of the rod grip.  The cork was purchased as flor grade from a major U.S. company.  I won't be buying any more from them!"

It's hobby builds such as this which make me feel like I shouldn't try to build a fiberglass fly rod.  Ever.  I think I'll just continue to gladly collect fly rod art from the various builders that I respect most.

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LanderValleyChiro said...

Very beautiful rod. Craftsmanship is not dead!