Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Z's Drifter Pram

Who doesn't appreciate a little wooden drifter?  How about one that you don't need a trailer for and still carries two fellows and beer...I mean gear? 

Dave Zielinski of The Happy Trout Chronicles recently added a page to his website with information, images, and plans for sale to build your own Z's Drifter Pram.

Excerpt from The Happy Trout Chronicles...

"Z's Drifter Pram was designed for a special purpose in mind- floating small, calmer flowing creeks and rivers to access remote sections of water. Primarily, the boat is used for flyfishing and as transportation between fishing spots. I designed this boat to draft very little water, carry a large payload, and still be compact and light enough to be dragged through the woods where less than ideal launching areas exist. The boat is compact enough to fit in the bed of a full size pickup truck."

Some guys are just good with their hands and Dave may be one of the most talented fellows that I follow online as he's always building, tinkering, tying, playing, fishing, and keeping his life full of interesting projects.

Check out The Happy Trout Chronicles for more information and images of this unique little drifter.  Plans are priced at $45 to get you started and this could be a good winter project if you've got the skills to get it done.  

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Bill said...

too bloody cool!