Monday, September 10, 2012

An Epic Day With Glass

The email that I received from Ryan Frick of On A Fly! came with just a couple short sentences as he let the photographs do all the talking.  Ten fish species on a Cabela's C.G.R. fiberglass five weight is impressive and sounds like a good time as well. 

 Ryan wrote...  "Cameron, here are some pics from yesterday. 10 species on a Cabela's CGR 7' five weight. It was an epic day.  I do love glass."

An epic day indeed.  I think my favorite photograph of the bunch is that stubby little catfish.  What a cool catch.

On a side note, Cabela's is blowing out their stock of C.G.R.'s and have their remaining inventory priced at $60.00 which is a steal of a deal. 


George said...

Thanks for the tip about Cabela's blowout sale on these rods. I just ordered one. This will be my first glass rod, so I'm really excited.

Cameron Mortenson said...'ve done for now. HA... Which one did you order?

George said...

I thought about a heavier weight rod because I would like a 8 wt, but finally decided on the 5 wt with the B grip, because it seemed more practical and a weight I would actually use more often. Also, it wouldn't require me to buy a new reel and line right now. I'm really looking forward to it. You are invited to come over to SummerLake and fish with me any time.

Cameron Mortenson said...

George...I think you'll like that five weight a lot. Summer Lake? Where is that?

George said...

SummerLake is a neighborhood in Lexington, off Hwy378 on the Gilbert side. It's nearst landmarks are Lake Murray Baptist church or the new Lexington Publix.

Cameron Mortenson said...

George...that is right on my way home from work. Let's plan something for sure.