Friday, September 14, 2012

Featherlight Chrome

Do you remember the step by step instructional Eagle Claw Featherlight Switch Rod Project that Adam Hope of This River Is Wild put together on their blog some time back?  Well, he certainly pushed his Featherlight switch rod to the max this week with a chromed out Chinook from the Salmon River.

Damn... Just damn.

A short excerpt from the blog post...

"I decided to use my 5wt Eagle Claw Featherlight Switch figuring it had at least a chance at landing a fish with the river flowing at roughly 200cfs.  I rigged up with a 425gr Skagit head with a 10’ clear intermediate tip and went to work in the tailout of a large pool. Pods of fresh fish were moving through constantly all morning, the water level was so low in some spots that a fish or two would beach itself while powering through a riffle."

Check out This River Is Wild for more photos and the rest of the story of this fresh twenty-five pound brute taken on the swing.   

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