Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gear Review - SmithFly Switch Bag

When SmithFly first hit the scene the one piece of gear that I was very excited about putting my hands on was the Switch Bag.  Fast forward a year so, after a lot of time on the water, and the Switch Bag is still the piece that I am most excited about.  It is definitely one of my most favorite gear bag style fishing packs that I have ever used. 

I am an admitted gear bag junkie and the Switch Bag hits a lot of high notes for me ranging from design to sew quality to execution.  The size and shape of the Switch Bag is just about perfect as it can hold a days worth of trout gear for a river trip or is just as happy with a big bug fly box (or several) and everything that you'd need for a warmwater or saltwater trip in a kayak or boat as well.  High quality and durable fabrics make the Switch Bag about bombproof and the webbing on the exterior makes it easy to make additions with pouches and an El Poquito to keep tools handy.  You can keep the Switch Bag clean with no additions on the exterior or further fine tune it with more easy to access storage with one of several pouch choices.

- Made In The U.S.A.
- Quality materials/built to last forver.
- Price.  Reasonable price for the Switch Bag alone.
- Open interior space.
- Rubberized bottom and heavy duty fabric keep bag dry.
- Wide carry strap with removable shoulder pad.
- Customize with various pouches or other pack additions.

- Olive is the only color choice.
- Might be to "tactical" for some.
- Price.  Addition of pouches and El Poquito add up quick.

If you are looking for a well designed, non-traditional in looks, gear bag that is comfortable to carry, holds everything that you'd need for a day on the water, and will never wear out give the Switch Bag a hard look.

This month is winding down and SmithFly has offered a 20% Off discount code of "TFM2012" for orders placed in September with shipping free as well.

Also, Ethan Smith and I are looking to receive a few more "Join The Stream Team" submissions.  Check out the T.F.M. post which outlines this contest.  The winner is going to get properly outfitted with a Switch Bag, Switch Belt, and 1X and 2X Pouches.    

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