Monday, September 17, 2012

Jason's Studio Thin Line 7'4" 3/4 Weight

The rod building work of Japanese builder Ishizaka Koichi of Studio Thin Line is one maker that I've been mesmerized by the beauty of his workmanship for years and the tobacco weave of his glass blanks are unbelievable as well.

The Studio Thin Line fly rods don't surface very often and when Jason Butler recently came across this 3/4 weight I asked if I could share his photos here.  Please don't blame me if you crunching numbers to figure out conversion rates from Yen to USD.  

Jason wrote...  "Just picked up this Studio Thin Line 7'4" 3/4wt. Some rods look great but leave you wanting in the casting/fishing department, this rod isn't one of them. She is the total package, a peach of a rod on the water in addition to being easy on the eyes. I fished her today for a couple hours with my Featherweight running Rio Gold 3wf. I can't remember being so taken by a rod in recent memory. Smooth progressive taper, perfectly straight loops, gentle when you want to be, easily accessible power in the butt section if you need it, just a peach."

There are a few very obscure fiberglass fly rods that rarely surface and leave you wondering if they are real at all.  These photos are proof that at least a few of them exist and Jason is very fortunate to have this fly rod in his collection.

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