Saturday, September 29, 2012

Patagonia MLC Bag As The "Go Bag"

It didn't take dropping half a paycheck a few times this year on airline tickets to make me seriously rethink trip packing and checking luggage for an added fee.  Add to this that on every flight, either in or out of Montana, my luggage hasn't made it on the same flight I've been on.   On the last trip my travel fly rod tube, which I intended to carry on only to be told to gate check while boarding the flight, somehow didn't make it from the jetway steps to the back of the plane.  This caused a very nervous and stressful twenty-four hours as the airlines couldn't locate the rod tube which held several fly rods which were not my own. 

As this trip approached I figured I'd take on two potential problems of added travel costs and possibly arriving at the Missoula Airport without my fly fishing gear for our post flight afternoon trip to Rock Creek by purchasing a Patagonia MLC Bag to turn it into my "Go Bag".  So even if my checked bag is lost for a day I won't be without what I need to get out on the water.  I might not be able to change clothes or brush my teeth but I'll have the fly fishing gear.  Clearly my priorities are in line. 

Airport Carpeting For Effect

Here's a breakdown of the MLC Bag's contents:

Nikon DSLR with Fisheye Lens
Small Topo Designs Accessory Bag
Miscellaneous Camera Gear/Cords/Chargers
Medium Topo Designs Accessory Bag
Fly Fishing Tools/Accessories
Kineya Fly Reel
Hardy Lightweight Fly Reel
Orvis Silver Sonic Waders
Korkers Chrome Wading Boots
Two Large Fly Boxes
Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover
Patagonia Better Sweater Pullover
Costa Sunglasses
MacBook Air/Charging Cord
Magazines - Fly Rod & Reel/Garden & Gun
Writing Tablet/Pens
Plastic Zip Folder of T.F.M. Swag

Though this is the first jaunt with the MLC Bag, so far I am very impressed with the size and over all design.  The MLC Bag has four separate zippered spaces for oraganizing gear along with a clip in/out organizer in the main storage compartment.   The MLC Bag can be carried with the sling strap or with removable backpack straps as well.

In my mind the MLC Bag is by far the most useful of the Patagonia Maximum Legal Carry-On items when compared with the MLC Wheelie and the now discontinued MLC Burrito.

Check out the Patagonia website for more information.

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