Friday, September 7, 2012

Peter's Kabuto Rods 7643 Build

To call Peter Mulbjerg of Denmark a hobby builder may not be giving him enough credit since his builds are so very well done.  Peter recently finished a very unique Kabuto Rods 7'6" four weight build which went in a direction very different from the other white blank builds that have been shared on T.F.M.  Seeing the rainbow wraps without and then with epoxy is pretty neat as well. 

Peter wrote...  "I had been drooling over the yellow and honey colored Kabuto’s for a very long time. They are simply beautifull – period!  But the white blanks caught my eye as being different and interesting. Especially the translucent look was inspiring.  Ordering was easy and Kab is pleasant to deal with.

The blank showed up in the mail and all sorts of ideas flowed to my mind - a white fiberglass weave grip that would blend into the the blank, black/white referee striped reel seat...etc...etc.  I’m glad it ended up the way it did.  Most of the components were either free or hidden away in corners and boxes in my workshop.  The only things I needed to buy was the reel seat and stripping guide.  The guides are Snake Brand Universals I received as a free sample.  

What really sets this build apart is the wraps.  I was searching the internet, as I usually do, for inspiration and came across this old Gudebrod Rainbow size 00 nylon thread on eBay.  I originally wanted to use silk for this one, but the thin and flexible nylon seemed appealing.  The thread, once epoxied, blended with the blank into the most wonderful translucent colors. Viewed in the sunlight it brings a big smile to my face. 

The rod is excellent with both four and five weight lines and really shines in close up situations. Now I only need to present it to a decent size fish……."

Peter...genius work.  I never really liked rainbow wraps until now.  They look great on this blank for sure.

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