Thursday, September 13, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Roughfish Mojo

Olaf Nelson of recently repped his Comrade t-shirt while participating in a species contest and sent along this photograph heavy dispatch for the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest.

Olaf wrote... "Hi. In early June my T.F.M. t-shirt and I hit an amazing river in north-central Illinois for my first day of fishing during the June species contest. I put at least half a dozen species on the board, including two species I'd never caught before. The first shot is a freshwater drum (one of many caught that day). I've had them approaching five pounds in that spot on a size #6 Pink Squirrel fly. Then there was the surprise catch of the summer: a silver carp (the invasives that freak out and jump en masse when boats go by). They're supposedly uncatchable. Lots of people I know have caught them on flies and lures, but I didn't expect to do it. Without a doubt my T.F.M. t-shirt was exercising it's mojo on my behalf. Later that day I caught my first mooneye, a northern pike, and then a few shortnose gar (lost count of how many I caught), followed by a many white bass (I also lost count of them). It was a good day of fishing. In fact, every time I've fished in that shirt it's ended up being a good day."

Olaf...nice work and I must have sprinkled a little extra mojo in that T.F.M. t-shirt.  HA...

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