Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mixing Cup And So Long Geraldine

(Thomas Harvey of Carolina Fly helped a brother out and put together an excellent review of the new Mixing Cup from Loon Outdoors.  Enjoy.) 

Every year Hareline Dubbin, Inc. sends out a goody bag filled with samples of new products.  Every year one or two products stand out and make me shake my head:  "I should have thought of that."  This year is no exception and as I sorted through this years haul I noticed the Loon Outdoors "Mixing Cup."  Anyone who works with two-part epoxy or UV resins on a regular basis understands two things.  One, you will be making frequent trips to the Dollar Store to purchase paper plates and toothpicks (I have a special connection with the eight-nine year old cashier on register one named Geraldine).  And two, your bench will end up messy, sticky, stained, grungy, gummy, and gluey.  But, it's a small price to pay for building bulletproof flies.  

After using the mixing cup for a few weeks I haven't been to the Dollar Store once (Sadly, the rumor is Geraldine has since passed on...guess I really was the only thing keeping her going) and my bench looks pristine (well, close anyways).  The cup works well as a container to manage small quantities of material as you work.  I suppose you could mix inside of it but it would be a small batch and lets face it...who uses epoxy in the 21st century?  So far the cup has been durable and lived up to its billing.  The suction cup design prevents even the biggest klutz from knocking it over and the smooth interior surface allows the hardened excess material to pop right on out.

At $7.50, this product is a must for anyone serious about their UV tying.  

Now, please excuse me.  I have a funeral to attend...R.I.P. Geraldine.

Loon Outdoors has a long list of new products for 2013.  Check out their latest press release with more information and product images on Midcurrent.

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upacreek333 said...

I once met a "Geraldine" in a little hardware store in Edinborough, VA... great little lady ... insisted on walking me through the Virginia trout regs before she let me sign my license... RIP Geraldine...