Sunday, September 23, 2012

Xander Fly Rods Steffen Brothers Build

Paul Sas of Xander Fly Rods recently finished a Steffen Brothers 7'6" 3/4 weight build which shows off his talent as an up and coming Romanian rod builder.  

Paul wrote...  "I started building rods about eight or nine years ago.  A friend of mine bought a fly rod blank from Cabela's.  I think it was a kit but I'm not sure.  He came to me for some advices knowing I build things which at that time I was building wood custom lures which are called wobblers.  Shortly I realized this is what I want to do so I quit building lures.  I just had the nostalgia remembering how I build fishing rods in the childhood with my grandfather using wild hazelnuts wood rods.  I used to fish those rods by just attaching the line on the top of the rod and a strike indicator made from cork or goose feather, adding lead for balance, and fishing with worms."

Steffen Brothers Build Information:
Blank - 7'6'' Three Piece 3/4 Weight
Grip - Custom Flor Grade Cork
Reel Seat - REC Amboyna 
Guides - PacBay Guides
Agate Guide - Struble
Winding Check - Struble
Thread - Pearshall Silk
Finish - Thread Master Epoxy

Check out the Xander Fly Rods website for more information and photographs of this build and others that Paul has recently completed.


Kenov said...

Small world. I was just trying to find this guy's website, and it pops up on good old TFM. :) I'm off to Romania in the AM. It's good to know there are other glass geeks there.

Cameron Mortenson said... fishing on the trip? Enjoy the travel.