Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yuhina's Sparrow Fly Rods Review

Mark Yuhina of FLYINTROPICAL spent a few weeks in Boone, North Carolina and demoed the 7'6" 3/4 weight fly rod from Sparrow Fly Rods which is a recent addition to the T.F.M. Fly Rod Loan Program.  Mark sent along this report which includes this thoughts on this fly rod, a few photos, and an excellent casting video as well.

Mark Yuhina wrote...  "Jonathan from Sparrow Fly Rods was kind enough to send me this new rod 7'6 3/4 weight fly rod for a mountain fishing trip in North Carolina.  Thank you, Sir!  What a beautiful rod!  I really love it.  This 3/4 weight fly rod is 7'6 and in three pieces with white spigot ferrules and has a parabolic action that bends evenly across the whole rod.  It has a stronger tip that facilitates throwing powerful loops if the condition is needed.  The rod tip is sensitive and accurate enough to cast to pin point spots.  Sometimes this is necessary for the low water condition, and the dense rhododendron vegetation is so tight that I have to fish with all my "four pods" in many situations!"

"Although this rod is labeled as 3/4 weight, my personal preference (full-flex type of stroke) is to line this rod with five weight forward line.  This rod has a lot of power and can really throw some strong loops into the wind with big dry flies and nymphs."

"I think if you need a “Do It All” fly rod for small creeks to drift boat fishing with hopper-patterns this will be a great choice!  I was throwing leaders with a five weight AirFlo Ridgeline.  In addition, this fly rod is a carefully crafted art and the transparent color matched with the streamside color really nicely.  If you like to fish the modern fiberglass blanks or a little bit fast side of the fiberglass action, this rod cast smoothly with a lot of authority.  I had a lot of fun in controlling the line in various distances.  This is a really nice beautiful rod to add to the quiver."

Sparrow Fly Rods is offering a free ball cap to the first five people that demo this fly rod. Please send an email to to get on the list to demo this fly rod if interested.


NP36 said...

Great review and nice video. Love the photo of the brookie in hand with the rod in the background ... I'm going to have to borrow that next time I'm out on the water.


Cameron Mortenson said...

NP36...let me know when you're ready to borrow it. It's a beauty.


Thanks Cameron!

It is an fantastic program! I really appreciate you and other companies' effort! Much appreciated!! Mark

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...thank you. It's really good to share others perspectives on these demo fly rods.