Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Look - Orvis Guide Sling

While at IFTD this past August one of the gear pieces that I was really impressed with was the soon to be released Safe Passage Guide Sling from Orvis.  Everything fell into place to get a media sample prior to the trip to Montana and I spent quite a bit of time wearing the Guide Sling last week. 

I found the Guide Sling to be a very useful pack that is spacious enough to hold three large fly boxes, miscellaneous accessories, lunch, and even had enough left over space to tuck my DSLR with room left over. 

The Guide Sling has three zippered compartments, exterior drink sleeve, and a removable post to hold tippet spools.  The large main compartment has several flat pockets to tuck a cell phone or extra leaders. 

The removable foam fly patch has velcro on the backside and can either be placed inside the second zippered compartment or stuck to the velcro patch on the pack's exterior. 

The Guide Sling fits comfortably and was easy to slide to the front to access the pack for a fly change or to grab a drink or snack.   

- Excellent Size/Layout
- Price - $139
- Digital Trout Camo
- Exterior Tippet Post
- Removable Foam Fly Patch

- Surprisingly, none noted so far.

If you have been considering a sling style pack then certainly give the Orvis Safe Passage Guide Sling a look.  The Guide Sling will be available in stores and online in November.


gfen said...

Howzbout, "CON: digital trout camo."

They really lost something when they ditched the plain green version of their Safe Passage or whatever it was called line.

Cameron Mortenson said...

gfen...no bueno on the digi camo? I dig it but it might not be for everyone. I agree that it would be nice if there was an alternate color choice as well.

gfen said...

I lost my comment and reposted, but I see I forgot actual question... This is bigger than the old green one I take it? Substantially? I don't think I could get an SLR and a pair of lenses in the main pocket and have room for anything else if I wanted to, certianly not if I didnt' expect them to gleefulyl smaash into each other with every step.

Cameron Mortenson said...

gfen...according to the product information from Orvis the Guide Sling is 360% larger than the Safe Passage Sling so I'd say it's a good bit larger.