Friday, October 12, 2012

Gear Review / Giveaway - Nip N' Sip

Admittedly this has been a spring to summer and into fall of a lot of trips, most involving fishing of some sort, and all involving a few brews during and after a long day on the water.  A constant companion through all this  has been my Loon Outdoors Nip N' Sip, that is not only a great set of nippers with a hook eye clearing needle, but also a very handy bottle top opener as well.

This is a great accessory and excellent to have a tool on your vest or gear bag that can do more than one function as well.  Think of it as your drinking multi tool.

The Nip N' Sip is made of stainless steel with ported finger grip areas which work better than many other nippers that I've used with rubber or other grippy material.  The blades are sharp and cut with ease.  The Nip N' Sip nippers are priced at $20 which doesn't make them cheap but these are certainly made to last.

Loon Outdoors Nip N' Sip nippers can be purchase at your local dealer or online at these approved online retailers.

Loon Outdoors has graciously sent along a box filled with goodies of all sorts along with a half dozen Nip N' Sip's for a weekend giveaway.

Let's make this simple and easy and all you have to do to play is send an email to and tell us what your favorite brew (hot, cold, carbonated or otherwise) is.  I'll take weekend giveaway emails until Sunday night at midnight.  Look for winners names in a T.F.M. post on Monday morning.

Good luck and have a great weekend. 

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Awesome, Cam. Thanks!