Sunday, October 14, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Of Heirs And Heirlooms

Gabe Langley starts off the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest posts for this month with a few thoughts that should make sense to all the outdoor parents that read this website.  Spending time outside with our children is so very important and it's neat to see a dad that gets it. 
 Gabe wrote...
" is my T.F.M. Spotting story.  This is a picture of the greatest keeper I've ever had, my son Coleman.  More than any fish or any fishing trip I've ever had, my father trip is so much more important.  I figured what better way to enter a contest where the grand prize is a "Heirloom Series" fly rod then to send in a picture of me and my own heir.  Fishing and the outdoors have always been a huge part of my life and my heritage.  My best memories are those spent with my father and grandfather in the outdoors on the other side of a fishing rod.  My hope is one day my son will say the same.  I feel one of our biggest responsibilities is to pass the love and respect of the outdoors to the next generation.  Coleman is my lil' outdoors man he loves to go hike with me and spend time at the fishy places with daddy.  With his little "Cars" fishing pole (soon to be replaced with that infamous yellow rod) he feels he and daddy can take on the world!  I hope you enjoy and may the joy of the outdoors always be in your heart.  Share the fly love."
Gabe...well said.

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