Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths Blanks Shipping

Yesterday afternoon I had a short but wonderful conversation with Tom Morgan and he excitedly said that the fiberglass fly rod blanks are now, in his words, "perfect".  This has been a long time process but without a doubt these blanks will be worth the wait...and the price tag of almost $300 per blank.

Tom said that they were going through the first batch of fly rod blanks this week and packaging them for shipping to some of those on the order list.  Another batch will arrive in the coming weeks which will complete other standing orders.

Last night Zac Sexton sent a few select images of the Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fiberglass blanks to be used in this post.  Zac has been working with Tom Morgan for almost a year now doing bamboo builds but has also been working on a few fiberglass fly rod builds as well.  Hopefully he'll send finished fly rod photos soon of  his work.

For more information please visit the Tom Morgan Rodsmiths website. 

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