Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gink & Gasoline Gets It

I almost missed this post on Gink & Gasoline the other week but luckily caught it in their weekly newsletter so not all was lost.  G&G partner Louis Cahill is a slow rod junkie that digs glass and bamboo and his first trout on his new Scott F2 fiberglass three weight was a real looker.   

Photo - Louis Cahill

An excerpt from the Gink & Gasoline post...

"I fell in love with this little fiberglass beauty on the casting pond at the IFTD show in New Orleans in 2011. 

Jim Bartschi, president of Scott Fly Rods, saw me throwing long graceful loops with the F2 7′ 3 weight and came over to correct my form. 

“This thing is awesome!” I told him. 

“Thanks,” he replied. “Let me show you what it’s made for.” 

Jim knelt down at the edge of the casting pond and showed me how the F2 will form a loop casting only the leader.  “This baby is designed for a stealthy presentation on small water, where a twelve inch fish is a trophy.”  He showed me the wrap twelve inches from the butt of the rod.  I was hooked."

Check out Gink & Gasoline to read the rest of this post...or just gaze at Louis Cahill's stellar brown trout image.  I know that I have. 

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