Monday, November 19, 2012

Yellow Glass, Blue Halos, And Dry Flies

Tom Pipic recently took a trip to West Virginia and while there snuck away to a blue line for a brookie fix with a friend's Scott Fly Rods F2 three weight.  The blue halos on the painted flanks of this brook trout are so very beautiful.

Tom wrote...  "I decided to break free for a couple days in the Monongahela National Forest.  I had a particular remote high gradient brookie stream in mind and a good friend loaned me his Scott F2 653 since I had been thinking it might be perfect for that stream.  I had test cast a couple of longer F2's a year or so ago and hadn't liked them too much but thought that this one might be perfect for brookie fishing in tight quarters. 

The weather was brisk and sunny and the heavily canopied stream was dappled with sunlight and the first fallen leaves of autumn.  The little Scott did prove to be ideal for this task which involved a lot of boulder climbing and casting with care among overhanging foliage.  There are open areas on this stream too and with the low water, longer casts were sometimes called for to avoid spooking the fish. The F2 handled it all and even the smallest of the brookies put a nice bend in the rod."

I've heard from more than one person over the last couple years that the Scott F2 653/3 is the gem of the series and this dispatch further confirms it.

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