Friday, December 7, 2012

Abel Reels Retro Fly Nippers

With how well the Abel Reels Comrade Nippers turned out, I figured I might as well offer the Retro Fly Nippers as well.  The first batch arrived yesterday and they turned out great.  The laser engraving of the Retro Fly artwork is super sharp and fits these lux nippers perfectly. 

The Retro Fly Nippers are priced at $60 for the nippers only and $80 for nipper and lanyard.  Retro Fly fish graphic nippers are $110 or $130 with lanyard included.  These prices include insured shipping.

The Retro Fly Nippers are available in any color finish that Abel Reels offers, including the various fish graphic choices.

I will be placing a Christmas order on Monday, December 10th so please send an email over the weekend to if you are interested in the Comrade or Retro Fly Nippers as a gift.

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