Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indi River Rods Kabuto 8053 Review

Recently Callum Ross of Indi River Rods posted a review with his thoughts on the Kabuto Rods 8053 that he built and has fished on his home waters in Australia.  I wanted to share Callum's notes on this fly rod but also the fine photography of Mark Kelly as well with this post.

Callum wrote...  "Simply put, it is a rod made for fishing.  In close or at a distance it loaded beautifully.  The roll casting ability of the rod is one of the best I have ever experienced.  It is just a pity that the fishing was so quiet and that there were not too many trout connected to the other end. Having said that, the best endorsement I have for the rod is that I will gladly reach for it whenever a five weight is needed."

Check out the Indi River Rods website and blog for more information on Ross's work.

Mark Kelly's photography can be viewed on both his website and blog as well. 

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