Thursday, December 27, 2012

NZ Brown Trout And Vintage Scott Glass

Gary Lyttle of the New Zealand Fishing Company recently sent a link to a video that he had put together of a brown trout caught on a North Island spring creek on one of his vintage Scott fiberglass fly rods that has a neat bit of history wrapped up in it as well. 

Gary wrote...  "This rod was one of two glass rods bought to New Zealand by Harry Wilson himself and given to his guide as a thank you.  One is brown glass and one is a yellow glass "prototype".  You can see the glass inserts through the blank as Harry was experimenting with actions.  The rod needed one eye fitted and now is a firm favourite of my Scott collection."

Seeing that thirty year old Scott glass rod bent over in full flex under the weight of this brown trout has no doubt made Gary a new glass fanatic.

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