Friday, December 28, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Potter County, U.S.A.

As the year is quickly wrapping up I was going through and purging an email folder and happened across this lost T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest entry from Jeff Turko of Trout Purgatory from late this past fall. 

Jeff wrote...  "I was just digging through a completely disorganized file folder of fishing/camping/hiking photos and realized that I was repping the T.F.M. Comrade hoodie in this one.  I was up in north-central Pennsylvania recently for one last tenting trip in 2012.  Potter County is one of the last truly wild places in Pennsylvania.  It marks the start of the Allegheny River watershed, is the home of Cherry Springs State Park which is a "dark sky" park, and one of the best places on the eastern seaboard to escape light pollution and watch the stars.  It's also home to Pine Creek and the gateway to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  If that isn't enough of a run-on sentence for you, you can't swing a cat without hitting a wilderness trout stream which is the perfect places for smaller glass rods.  From Quill Gordons early in the year to big March Browns all the way to Slate Drakes late in the season, there are great hatch-matching opportunities.  Potter County has really become a classic rite of passage for the Pennsylvania fly fisher."

No trout caught on this trip but still glad Jeff shared this photo and that there was still time to get it posted.

Check out Trout Purgatory for a mix of glass rods, trout, and classic flies.


Smuggler said...

I have a camp in Tioga county which borders Potter and it is indeed Gods country.

Bill said...


gfen said...

also, he's got one hell of a beard.