Sunday, December 23, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - Santa Claus Terrors

Marc Hughes recently sent in this T.F.M. Spotting photo for the contest and it captures the classic Christmas moment when a child meets Santa for the first time.

Mark wrote... "Last Saturday afternoon we set out to a local nursery to find a tree, and bring the kids to see Santa. We waited in line for a while and when our turn came my son was ready to see the jolly bearded soul, but as you can see my two year old daughter was less excited. We were able to snap off a photo just as she jumped off my lap pre-gutteral scream cry. 

She recovered in the safety of mom's arms shortly after the photo, and after forwarding the picture to my family I realized I was wearing my Comrade shirt. Though I'd share this picture with you. 

Merry Christmas." 

This is one photo that I'll always get a chuckle out of. 


Pamela Funk said...

Great picture. Seems like most little kids are terrified of that guy! At least until he brings the toys.

cofisher said...

Ha! Remember going through this myself a year or two ago. Great photo Marc.