Thursday, January 17, 2013


While leafing through the latest issue of A Tight Loop I came across this full page advertisement for Blue Halo.  It's cool to see the fellows from Blue Halo expanding their foot print and showing up in new places. 

Their fiberglass blank offerings are sharp (look at the pretty colors) and the eight foot five weight can get work done.  Blue Halo will be expanding their fiberglass blank offerings in the next few months.

Tucked at the bottom of the ad creative is a 20% off code of "BADASS21" to use on the Blue Halo website on your next purchase.  I am not sure when this code expires so best to use it sooner than later.


Casey Ryan said...


Brian L. Schiele said...

Utah is in the house! Cort and Jordy build awesome rods.

Brad Eaton said...

Working on one of their blanks now and couldn't be more impressed. Cort is a great guy to work with and makes a phenomenal fiberglass blank.

James Jenkins said...

I have the B;ueberry blank sitting here waiting for me to find time to assemble and wrap.

David McIlwaine said...

The guy with the rad beard seems to be wearing a Blue Halo bag or sling. Something coming?