Tuesday, January 29, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - Shawn's Wood Troutz

When he's not sketching on his iPad, Shawn Bixel of Lines In The Dirt can be found in his backyard shop creating art with pieces of wood and various tools.  Recently he was caught posing with one of his "Wood Troutz" and sent in these images for the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest

Shawn wrote...  "The infamous "Wood Troutz" is rarely seen and is even rarer to catch.  With its native habitat consisting of an area roughly 10’ x 16’, located somewhere in a woodshed in the middle of Central Texas.  Catching this elusive, but prized creature is truly a game of “He, who holds the keys to the shed, can catch all the wood troutz he wants!”  Within this tiny area, the wood troutz is most commonly found perched in the current behind the scroll saw.  It could be along the banks or under the logs, playing a classic game of cat and mouse with a chisel and the drill.  Or it could be lying in the shallows, basking in the sun, waiting for a fresh application of paint.

The wood troutz feed primarily on broken saw blades, dull drill bits, rusty chisels and well used sandpaper.  Matching the hatch for the feeding wood troutz will always consist of choosing the tool which inflicted the most pain during the creative process.  However, your best bet for getting these guys to the wall (DON’T EAT THE WOOD TROUTZ) will be a drill and a screw!  There is no need to practice Catch and Release fishing for these fish.  Because, as you can probably see…if you catch and mount one, the next one can be found, cleverly disguised as a piece of pine planking on the shelf of your local hardware store.  Again, DON’T EAT THE WOOD TROUTZ!"

Check out Lines In The Dirt and also the Etsy storefront as well.  Shawn offers up all sorts of his artwork there and it's worth a look.

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