Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Four Season Of Kineya Fly Reels

Tom Anderson, a.k.a. "Duff", has an addiction to the fly reel makings of Masatoshi Okui of Kineya Tackle.  I certainly can't blame him since these fly reels are nothing short of art and their function is perfection as well. 

Over the past year Tom has been photographing the various reels in his collection with backgrounds of the changing seasons.  He was kind enough to let me share these images with this post.

I am honored to own a Model 301 which is the perfect match for several three and four weight glass fly rods that I have in my collection.

Please visit the Kineya Tackle website for more information.


james deloria said...

Those reels achieve art status. They are incredible.

ratfacedmcdougal said...

That first reel is just plain sexy. I'm thinking it would look lovely mounted on my Phillipson "Royal"