Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introducing Red Truck Glass

Though a long time coming, Red Truck recently released their first fiberglass fly rod offering online last week.  The rod mechanics at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters spent a lot of time tweaking and perfecting this 7'6" four weight and readers may remember prototypes of this fly rod, and a future six piece backpack model of the same length and line weight, that popped up here a couple of years ago.

A demo of this fly rod arrived last week and I really like how Red Truck put all the pieces together.  The feel of the fly rod is progressive but not too fast.  This four weight loads easily in close as well as having the ability to make pin point casts at medium and longer lengths without a problem.

The slender and shapely cork grip will be something that most will like but I suspect others with larger hands might not.  This slender pronounced cork grip is preferred for correct casting form by many at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters and it feels very comfortable in my hand.

Certainly a neat touch with this fly rod is the bright yellow rod tube that just bleeds fun and the Brew-Sky bottle opener on the underside of the rod tube cap is pretty cool too.  Like I said, this is a fun stick.

For those that order one of these fly rods, Red Truck Fly Fishing Company is buying you a T.F.M. t-shirt as a thank you.  Check with George Revel at Red Truck for the details.

For those looking to put together a whole outfit, I'd suggest the Diesel 3/4 weight fly reel as the perfect match.

Check out the Red Truck Fly Fishing Company website for more information on this fly rod.  The first batch of two dozen is moving quickly with a future order arriving soon.

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Cliff Graham said...

Looks Awesome!

I bet it casts like how I wish my CGt in the same config did.