Wednesday, March 6, 2013

F3T Hits Columbus Tomorrow Night

The show has long been sold out but the Fly Fishing Film Tour plays in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow night.  This show is being hosted by Mad River Outfitters and proceeds go to support T.U.'s Trout In The Classroom program in Ohio. 

For those attending please know that Jenkins Fly Rods has sent a 7'6" five weight glass rod which will be given away during the event.  The build turned out beautiful and I appreciate their graciousness in supporting this event with the donation of a $350 fly rod build.

I'll be at this show and plan to set up a small T.F.M. booth.  I'll likely have a couple demo rods to cast if someone wants to along with the usual T.F.M. swag of t-shirts and decals if someone is interested in helping pay for my gasoline on my way to Michigan for the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo.  HA...

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