Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Green Caddis Outfitter Fly Box Review

Remember when fly boxes used to be expensive?  There was a time just a few years ago that a good fly box could run you $40 or more.  Those uber expensive fly boxes are still around but if you know where to look you can easily get several fly boxes from Green Caddis Outfitters for what you'd pay for one fly box elsewhere.  Sounds like a deal, eh?  They are and worth a look if you are looking for a few new fly boxes with spring fast approaching.

If you are not familiar with Green Caddis Outfitters then you should know that it's a part of the Hatches Magazine empire and owner Will Mullis is constantly putting together  new offerings for the online store from DVD's, to fly tying hooks and tools, to books, and of course fly boxes.

I've been using a mix of Green Caddis Outfitters fly boxes for the past year or so and have been nothing but impressed.  These fly boxes have been stuffed full of flies of all sorts and have held up to banging around in gear bags and in the kayak.  I especially like that there are so many fly box styles and foam innards to chose from and the waterproof fly boxes live up to keeping flies dry on the inside too.

- Quality.  These fly boxes are built to last.
- Price.  All fly boxes are priced less than $20 each.
- Choices.  Dozens of fly boxes to chose from.

- I wish there were a couple larger fly boxes offered.  I am a boat box junkie for warmwater and saltwater flies.

Check out the Green Caddis Outfitters website for more information or to place an order.

Follow along on their Facebook page as well for a heads up on new products and web specials.


Samson Shilmover said...

I ordered two of the fly boxes along with some hooks back in Oct of 2015 and am still awaiting delivery. I have made several attempts to contact Green Caddis Outfitters and have received no replies.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Samson...sorry to hear that. I can't get a response on my end either. Disappointing when a company falls off the map like this.