Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunfish Woodworks Carved Bluegills

This year while at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo I caught up with Bob Batchik of Sunfish Woodworks and among the mix of wooden fish carvings that he had on display there were bluegill carvings of several sorts and sizes.

Bob creates fish carvings from two feet to eight feet in length and these bluegill are a stellar example of his work.

Check out the Sunfish Woodworks website for more information on Bob's art.


Funcfish said...

Man I hope my carvings can some day be 1/4 as amazing as these! Year of the bluegill indeed!

Jay Gardner said...

I've known Bob for years. In addition to being a true artist he's a heck of a guy. All of his work is beautiful (although his sunfish are special).