Thursday, April 4, 2013

Swift Fly Fishing Company - Lunar 3D1

The Swift Fly Fishing Company hasn't just been working on the Epic fiberglass blank project. No, they have also been working with famed reel designer Alex Kaplan on the Lunar 3D1 fly reel which will soon see production. 

This concept video gives a good glimpse into what the finished product will look like.  

From the Swift Fly Fishing Company...

"Like every project I've worked on so far, our films and DVD's included, I employ a pretty simple design philosophy. "Look at what everyone else is doing and don't do that."  The LUNAR reel certainly typifies that approach.

The LUNAR reel is a fusion of modern materials and classic design.  The LUNAR project has been an 18 month design partnership between myself and renowned fly reel designer Alex Kaplun.  We've looked hard at how trout anglers actually use a fly reel and have incorporated many subtle design features that (hopefully) will not be immediately obvious.

Alex is an extremely experienced and creative engineer and our design certainly reflects that. The LUNAR runs on a precision stainless steel ultra thin section bearing developed for the robotics industry, it features a quick change spool that can be swapped out in a matter of seconds without having to unscrew any retaining nuts, an asymmetric click pawl mechanism, full cage design and an over sized exposed rim to facilitate palming.

The LUNAR has been designed with strength, quality and durability in mind.  Drop most modern fly reels on a rock and you're pretty much screwed, the LUNAR on the other hand is one tough mother.  Full cage design. Very strong and prevents fly and running lines from catching and jamming.  This reel cannot eat fly lines!  The handle assembly is constructed of six separate parts, is self lubricating, and will never seize or squeak.  The spool will be produced in two options.  A translucent amber CNC machined thermo plastic that is lighter and many times stronger and more robust than aluminium.  And for the traditionalists, a machined Aircraft grade aluminium ported spool in black.

Each reel comes with a unique hard ballistic nylon presentation case and a neoprene field cover.

The LUNAR fly reel will be produced in limited numbers, each with it's own registered identifying serial number, and will be available for pre-order soon."

Check out the Swift Fly Fishing Company for more information.

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